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RF & Microwave Engineering Tutorials/Tools

Microwave Theory 101

Antenna Theory: Part I 
Covers basic antenna theory including gain, directivity, dipole, monopole, and arrays.

Patch Antenna: From Simulation to Realization
Simulation of a 2.4 GHz patch antenna with experimental results.

Ansoft HFSS

Tutorial 1: Microstrip Patch Antenna
Simulation setup for microstrip fed patch antenna.

Tutorial 2: Dispersion Diagram I: Parallel Plate
Introduction to dispersion diagrams and eigenmode simulator.

Tutorial 3: Dispersion Diagram II: Sievenpiper Mushroom
How to analyze the Sievenpiper high-impedance structure supporting a backward wave.

Tutorial 4: Left-Handed Materials: Effective Medium Approach
Simulation setup of a flat lens made with negative refractive index medium.

Tip 1: Which Sweep to Use?
Learn which frequency sweep will work best.

Ansoft Designer

Tutorial 1: Microstrip Transmission Line
Introduction to planar EM simulation in Desiger with microstrip line example.

Tutorial 2: Planar Dipole Antenna 
Simulation setup for antenna simulation, differential excitation, and optimization.

Agilent ADS

Tutorial 1: S-Parameter Simulation - Schematic Simulator
Introduction to Agilent ADS's schematic simulator with microstrip line example.

Tutorial 2: S-Parameter Simulation - Momentum
Learn how to use ADS's full-wave planar simulator.


Noise Figure Calculator 
Calculate noise figure, gain, and noise temperature for a N-Stage cascade device.

VSWR Calculator 
Calculate voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and return loss for mismatched circuit.

Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator 
Calculate dimensions and edge impedance for desired resonant frequency.

Microstrip Line Calculator
Analyze or synthesize a microstrip line based on substrate parameters and frequency.

HFSS Waveport Size Calculator
Figure out the correct waveport size to use in HFSS for a microstrip line feed.

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